Ethnic jewellery from ethnic smiths

The artistic skIlls of most eThnic grouPs on this earth express themselves in different ways. One of them is the form giving of metals for the decoration of the body. Like with many other skills, the risk is that it might fall into oblivion with the use of modern and more “productive” techniques.

Our Belief is that “productivity” and “efficiency” are Authentic as long as the “Soul can keep up”.

We believe in the attention paid to quality as long as it is at the same level as the attention paid to the life quality of all players involved. We believe in ancient production techniques as much as we do in the new ones. We believe in the fusion. In Preserving, in Recycling, in Respecting.

We are our old brothers from the Indian subcontinent, we are our sisters from the Nusantara, our parents from the Sahel, our cousins from the Sahara.

fine ethnic jewellery

individually handmade

Discover the latest from Austronesia

Adornments are believed to hold magical attributes. Materials and techniques have changed over time, yet the belief in the symbolic powers of forms has remained.

Discover the latest from Azawagh

Skilled in the art of shaping metals, and experts in engravings, the Azawagh smiths create silver jewellery characterised by symmetry, clear and straight lines.

Discover the latest from Hindustan

Jewellery up until today indicates status and wealth. Enamelled armbands, gold hoop earrings and cast silver anklets are only a few of the wonders we encounter.

Discover the latest from Mountain Tribes

The heritage of one ethnic may consist of up to 50 different kinds of adornments. A complete set of jewellery worn on special occasions may weigh between 6 and 9 kg.