Tuareg Double Ended Ring

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One of our classics, timeless, wonderfully crafted and polished with a shiny and bright glow. Made with dedication and love for detail from a 999 silver ingot. It is around 14 millimetres wide on top, dimensiones vary slightly from piece to piece, as they are all individually made.

The Tuareg smiths traditionally fabricated everything the nomades needed: weapons, jewellery, metal utilities, household items such as spoons and knives. His tools fit into a leather bag, so he was able to carry them at all times. Upon arrival, he would quickly set up the workplace, often in front of his tent. He was an artisan very sought after by the Targuia, the lady. Tuareg women wore jewellery all the time, not only on festive occasions. They accumulated it during their life from early childhood on. Not particularly attached to a specific piece, the same piece might have been transformed several times or traded for food in times of need.