Bold Gemstone Multiring

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Blue gemstones of different kinds interchange with champagne colour diamonds in the centre of the ring to give this piece an air of summer and lightness. Set in between the silver, the stones are the most prominent and elevated element. This ring is one piece entirely, resembling four rings stacked on top of one another. It is big and chunky, approximately 23 millimetres wide at the top, and narrowing down to 11 millimetres width at the bottom. This change in width provides comfort, the ring fits smoothly on your finger. Are you ready for its weight? Its 44 gramms are about 5 times more than we are accustomed to.

Its volume and weight give you a hint regarding the dimensiones of jewellery worn by the Mountain Tribes of Southeast Asia. The huge torques that inspired this collection consisted of seperate engraved neck rings. A complete set worn on special occassions could way anywhere between 700 and 2900 gramms.