The North African Tuareg have chosen silver over gold for its colour. Silver is a white metal, and therefore, pure. It carries good luck and averts bad influences. This metal is patiently engraved with symmetrical, clear and straight lines, weaving a beautiful pattern. Due to religious commandments dominant throughout centuries, images had to be cryptic and could not be exact representations of the real item. Yet, their significance was so self-evident to the wearer, that no explicit definition was needed. A woman is assumably represented by a triangle, a man often by the imprint his sandal would leave on the sand. An favoured amulet was the tshérot: It is a square shaped little container, safeguarding a paper with magic characters or letters containing names, names of days, of stars or planets, and signs representing the eye. Other than that, you may find poems addressed to a loved one, a little bit of desert sand, or any other object dear to the wearer.