Artisans eThnopur

We work with smiths from different ethnic groups of the world.

Each ethnic uses different tools and methods that give their jewellery a genuine identity.

Combining their expertise and traditional ways of elaboration with new approaches, all Together we create Fine Ethnic Jewellery working with Ancient Techniques, Recycled-Reinvented Tools, guided by Respect for Old Knowledge, Discipline, Pursuit of Individual Development, Endurance, Patience and a Careful Treatment of All Beings Involved.


Adornments are believed to hold magical attributes. Materials and techniques have changed over time, yet the belief in the symbolic powers of forms has remained.


Skilled in the art of shaping metals, and experts in engravings, the Azawagh smiths create silver jewellery characterised by symmetry, clear and straight lines.


Jewellery up until today indicates status and wealth. Enamelled armbands, gold hoop earrings and cast silver anklets are only a few of the wonders we encounter.


The heritage of one ethnic may consist of up to 50 different kinds of adornments. A complete set of jewellery worn on special occasions may weigh between 6 and 9 kg.