Hindustan Gemstone Pendant

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Topaz, sapphires, gold spheres and wires adorn this magnificent Hindustan pendant. It amazes with many details, its smoothness and flexibility. It represents a jewellery tradition that is thousands of years old.

The bright colours of its gemstones conjure up an image of awesome wealth, power, and impressive achievements. Gemstones are often given to gain a lover's heart or as an expression of fidelity, and they have always been deeply connected to spiritual beliefs. According to Hindu astrology, each gemstone represents a planet which itself stands for a Hindu deity. It is believed that using the gemstones in a protective amulet invokes the power of the deity. The circle is a symbol for the harmonious cosmos and the cyclical movement of the universe. Combining various forms and images into a pattern, some obvious, some subtle, traditional jewellery is born.