Large Azawagh Cuff Bracelet

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Engraved with intricate motifs on the inside, this Tuareg bracelet is of outstanding craftsmanship. The symmetric figures have been engraved with incredible precision, leaving no room for mistakes. It is wider near the opening and narrower on the opposite side. You can choose which one to wear facing upwards. It is 3,6 centimetres wide near the opening, 1,4 centimetres on the opposite side, and fits well on a wrist with a circumference of 17,5 - 18,5 centimetres.

The bracelet is made of pure silver. Its relative softness allows the smiths to carry out any chiseling, hammering, or engraving. Meandering lines are achieved by a swift, wiggling movement of the wrist, triangles and squares are carved out, and straight lines are achieved by a sharp and decisive strike of the hammer.