Maluku Earrings with Gold Adornments

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Pointed and acute, with plenty of symmetric projections distributed evenly around the rhomboid centre, these Maluku earrings invoke the strength and power of its ethnic origin. They have been lavishly decorated with fine silver wires, gold and silver granulation of varying proportions. They are about 3,3 centimetres long and rigid, except for the small hinge connecting the smaller top and the larger triangular bottom piece.

Steep and hilly, but also low and wet, the endless number of islands comprising Maluku are as diverse as the ethnics inhabiting them. Surrounded by magnificent coral reefs and deep seas, its abundant rain forests are home to plants and animals found nowhere else. Among the many various ethnics, we find fierce warriors and headhunters. They perceived the universe as dualistic: heaven and earth, hot and cold, gold and silver are some of their many dichotomies.