Tulang Naga Nagaland Bracelet

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Tulang Naga
bracelet with Nagaland clasp, invoking the spiky and bold ornaments of the Northern Hindustan region. Details in rose gold and yellow gold form a compelling contrast with the two colours of silver and oxidated silver below.

The Naga tribes traditionally used different materials to fabricate their bracelets. Shells, hardstone beads, glass beads, and metals were among them. The most expensive one was ivory. The tusk of the elephant has a natural central opening which allowed the Naga to turn them into armlets with an attractive yellow-to-brown natural patina. They were worn only by the Naga elite, the warriors, and so were the heavy brass wristlets with spikes or expanded terminal ends.  The latter served as both, adornment and weapons in hand-to-hand combat.

Our bracelet has 20,5 centimetres total length, so it should comfortably fit a wrist with 19-19,5 centimetres circumference.