Rajasthan Bracelet with Gold Details

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Small and intricate, this bracelet reinterprets the magnificent work of a Rajasthani belt buckle. The motifs on the clasp remind of flowers, a recurrent motif of evolution and life. The petals and buds on the clasp have been adorned with rose and yellow gold, and so have the junctions between chain and clasp. The weaving is approximately 5 millimetres wide, and the clasp 10 millimetres at its largest extension. The clasp is a type of buckle: it slides open when pressing down a small part on its side.

Jewellery in India has never solely been used to beautify and impress. It has also always had a close connection with religion, health, and fortune. It has bestowed status, identity, and respectability. Jewellery has been worn as an intrinsic part of one's attire. The sheer weight and quantity was often considerable. Women have been seen with as many 28 bracelets on each arm, and an entire jewellery outfit could weigh up to 15 kilogramms!