Rose Quartz and Sapphire Ring

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Embedded between two wonderful lavender colour sapphires, a round large rose quartz is the star of this Hindustan ring. Its delicate transparency reflects the light from all angles while its mineral inclusions create a soft cloudiness. Sapphires and diamonds on the sides interchange with small granulation and traditional ornaments, giving this piece its fascinating shape and radiance. 2,5 centimetres is its width at the top, around 1,2 centimetres the width of its band. It constitutes an eye-catching ornament with intricate silver work and decorative engravings.

The variety and exquisiteness of jewellery in Hindustan is unparalleled. Traditionally, jewellery was often held as private wealth. It was not merely a craft, but art, and many of the most luxurious creations aspired to praise the power and glory of mighty rulers, and illustrate their exquisite taste and all encompassing sovereignty.