Small Mountain Tribe Gemstone Earrings

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Dangling silver earrings with wonderful topaz and garnets representing the variety found at its place of origin: soft hills and colourful vegetation home to a great variety of ethnics with very different habits, languages, and jewellery traditions. More archaic styles such as coiled ornaments for arms and legs, small bells, torques, feather headdresses, and ivory bracelets contrast with beaten and forged silver, coloured enamel, stylised locks and decorative butterflies, flowers, and buds. It is likely that both styles have different historical origins, yet they are linked by metalsmiths who specialise in making jewellery not just for their own people, but also those of a different ethnicity.

Inspired by these traditions, eThnoPur's earrings are approximately 2 centimetres (0.7 inches) long, with omega shaped loops at the top, and bright sparkling gemstones at the lower end. One pair is set with round, deep blue topaz, the other with round, deep purple garnets.