South Hindustan Green Quartz Ring

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When looked at intently, you will observe the manifold components which constitute this unusual piece. Sapphires in different shades of green alternate with diamonds, gold spheres, rose gold petals, and silver adornments. The entire pieces has been contemplated, the inside adorned with traditional motifs, and the centre green quartz given prominence by the surrounding details. The band is 13 millimetres wide on the sides and below, the head measures 25 millimetres at its largest extension.

The splendour of ethnic jewellery and the dedication of traditional craftsmanship come together in this singular piece. A symbol for dreams and fantasies, the more profuse a piece used to be, the greater the wealth of the wearer was considered to be. Headdresses, heavy dangling earring, and enourmous necklaces were among the most stunning creations. Our modern interpretation of ethnic jewellery invokes entire worlds which have ceased to exist or are about to be forgotten.