Smokey Quartz Signet Ring

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This silver signet ring has been crowned with a smokey quartz of an indulging olive colour. Depending on the angle in which rays of light enter, traverse, and go out, the stone appears to be deep dark green or profound brown. Four diamonds surround the square shaped smokey quartz, and several more adorn the sides. The design of the ring has been carefully elaborated, reflecting the importance of seals and signet rings in traditional India.

The belief that an inanimate seal engraved with symbols, letters, names, dates, words, or statements represented the power of the wearer, made the signet rings objects of great respect. The seal rendered any document legal and official and confirmed whatever purpose the owner intended. The widespread belief that words or phrases engraved on metal or stone have the power to be eternally effective has probably reinforced the signet rings' acceptance as amulets possessing magical potential.