Toba Batak Bracelet

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One of our classics, a variation of the Toba Batak bracelet. The clasp is crowned with mystical symbols of the Toba culture, the black oxidised silver below highlighting the bright white colour of the polished silver ornaments. The weaving is our classic semi-round Tulang Naga, curved on the outside and flat on the inside, arranging itself smoothly around your wrist. The clasp is approximately 10 millimetres, the weaving 8 millimetres wide.

Fierce, proud, and strong, the Toba Batak were excellent craftsmen. They elaborated everything from knives, lances, spears and swords to chains, rings, earrings, and jewellery worn as status symbols. Most silver and gold jewellery was made by order, and worn by women as well as men. Even infants were adorned with jewellery made of silver, gold, or suasa, an alloy combining gold and copper.