Tourmaline and Gold Large Timor Ring

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Prominent silver ring set with handmade spheres of gold and silver, small rubies, and large tourmalines in hues of pink and deep red. When turning the ring, different gemstones and patterns become apparent varying between silver and gold, bright and darker gemstones. On one side, you will mostly find intertwined metal threads, interwoven with bold gold granulation, while on the other three large tourmalines are grouped together. You choose which side you prefer to face up! This beauty is about 13 millimetres wide.

Another of our classic Timor rings, its patterns, size, and gemstones are a unique combination of the smith's creativity at the moment of making. Throught time, precious metals and gemstones have exercised a powerful fascination over humankind. Their beauty and rarity combined with their indestructibility have made them elements of adornments throughout the history of different ethnics.