Azawagh Small Silver Tuareg Ring

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Simple, stylish, stackable. Craft from a silver ingot by our Azawagh smiths, these rings are 999 pure solid silver. They represent the essence of a vigorous and strong ethnic characterised by tenacity and versatility, essential traits to sustaining life in the desert. Each ring varies slightly in shape from the others, as they are completely made by hand without the use of a form or mold.

They can be worn individually, or stacked on top of each other. Two, three or up to four rings - it is up to you, your creativity, and style. Alternatively, you can also combine them nicely with our Azawagh Medium or Large Silver Rings.

Each ring weighs between 6 and 8 gramms, approximately. Contact us if unsure about your ringsize, or if you would like to order a size different to the ones currently available.