Wonderful Large Agadez Pendant

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The astonishing abilities of the Tuareg silversmiths express themselves in this extensive pendant. The upper loop has been adorned with traditional Tuareg engravings, while the centre pieces form a smooth, bright, and symmetric entity. This pendant is a classic elaboration which can be traced back to the region of Agadez. Its size is considerable, with a total length of approximately 10 centimetres (4 inches). A real statement piece made of pure silver, also knowsn as 999 silver.

For men or women, this timeless piece can easily be combined with any outfit. For centuries, the Tuareg smiths were, and still are today, exceptional artisans. The tools used to make their refined silver jewellery is generally made by the masters themselves: files, hammers, the heavy anvil, the delicate and pointy chisels for engravings as well as repurposed machinery parts used for perforation, support, or shaping.